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Xfce Foundation Website

Note: This website is work in progress. The Xfce Foundation has only been launched a short time ago. We're still working on its official registration in Germany and a few other aspects (like this website).


Events / Activities

The Xfce Foundation tries to make sporadic (ideally: regular) developer meetings (so-called hackfests) possible. We also aim at providing financial support for people wanting to represent the Xfce project at conferences. On the following pages you will information about the events that the Xfce Foundation is supported or involved in.


  • Articles of Association
  • Rules of Procedures
  • Forms



If you have any questions or are looking for a way to contribute to the Xfce Foundation but don't know how you can talk to its members in various ways:

  • There is a public mailing list to which you can subscribe:
  • We have a dedicated IRC channel called #xfce-foundation on
  • If you prefer a private discussion with members of the Board of Directors, you can write a mail directly to the email address.
  • A web application for managing the Xfce Foundation is being worked on. It will among a lot of other features allow you to apply for membership.
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